Here at Bees & Ammo we are dedicated to propigating pollinators and the pursuit of fine outdoorsmanshipoutdoorsman-

Is Bees & Ammo right for you? That depends. Bees & Ammo was founded by those who enjoy the golden zeal of real, unfiltered honey, and the mesmerizing monotony of reloading ammunition. Do your passions include popping lids off hives? Do you get excited when you hear of a langstroth untouched for years? Do you strive for the perfect handload and enjoy the heritage of hunting and the outdoors?

Did you answer yes to one or more of the weird questions above? If so, Bees & Ammo would love to hear from you. Send us a note below.

What We're Into

Honestly how did you even find this webpage?

Bees, Hives, and Honey

Beekeeping, harvesting honey, building bee boxes, and tending to hives.

Reloading Ammunition

Preparing the perfect cartridge to bridge the gap between field and table.


Kid you not, this isn't a euphemism. We enjoy handcrafting charcuterie.

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